Glutax 5 gs micro 5000 mg- skin whitening injection
skin whitening agent which is can be used to obtain fairer, whiter, pimple ad acne free complexion. you can see the difference in just four weeks. it very effectively lightens and softens the skin all around. the product also very effectively lightens the dark circles beneath the eyes. it very well prevents the skin from ulceration and heals the wounds fast and easily.

Packing: 1 box has 6 set (6 Vial + 12 amps)GLUTAX 5GS Micro (Italy), Glutathione, developed from Glutax 5G, improves efficiency to act faster with smaller drug molecules produced in Italy with glutathione increased from 5,000 mg and Alpha Lipoic Acid is a stimulant to the glutathione in our body that already exists. And glutathione that has been injected with 5000 mg. Has worked to show results to whiten up. After injecting or eating glutathione, the result is not satisfactory, so this is the guarantee you will be most satisfied white. Combined with the ingredients of Collagen Extract, your skin will be white, aura and skin bouncing miraculously.ingredient- Glutatione 5000 mg- ALA 200 mg- VitaminE 300 mgPro VitaminB5 100mgPro vitamin B3 250 mgVitamin C 1500 mgCollagen 350 mgMulti-Vitamin, Exclusive licenseMethod of use: intramuscularly or intravenously (IV / IM). If IV injection, dilute with 5 cc distilled water.


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